Friday, 13 December 2013

My first Highlights of the year

My first Highlights of the year was year 8 Camp in Rotorua.  Camp was cool because this is my first time to go Rotorua. I liked camp because some of my friends are went to. My highlight for camp is that we went on the the Gondola to the skyline.  I was happy because this is my first day when we got up there we rode on the luge. I liked it because it was a little bit long way to go that's why t was fun.

My 2 seconds. My Highlights learning of the year is Maths whizz  and XtraMaths and Writing I learn some other thing about XtraMaths. is take away and times it was a little bit hard because is my first time learning my times tables. And in my writing I know that I need to reread my writing properly to make sure that I use capital letters and fullstops. Also I must remember to make sure it makes good sense.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Alexander and Niuma IF I HAD SUPER POWERS

 What if I had a Super Powers

Once upon a time there was a boy call Megamind and he saw a little rock on the floor. It was shining in his face and it looked like a baby blue colour. I walked over to pick it up and it changed me into a big Megamind hulk. I felt very strong, fast, powerful and I could fly very fast like a speeding rocket.

As I was flying I saw a big gangs blowing up the town then I zoomed straight down and punched the ground with one hit and everything was flying like a rock around in the road. Then the gangs look at Big Megamind Hulk and then the gangs started shooting him. Big Megamind Hulk was bulletproof and he start walking towards them so all the gangs start running away from
him. Then Big Megamind Hulk ran fast to catch them,they all went to jail then the police say thank you for helping us and saving our town It ok.

Monday, 8 July 2013

M,A,N Rock Climber/Success

As I  fearlessly climbed  up the towering  mountain I felt sweat dripping down my hot boiling face. My course up the mountain was a treacherous challenge for me. As I  heaved up and over the  last rock of the mountain I was terrified. As I said to myself “I will fight and reach to my success “.

William Feather’s  message for us is to reach to be successful and never give up.Other people let themselves down by not trying their best. He’s trying  to tell us that we should  give it our all .

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

This story is about tow little kids

Once upon a time there were two little kids. A boy and a girl. They tried to hide from  the evil witch. They looked for the witch. They looked outside through the big reddoor. But they could not find her. They felt scared.

My friend Lave

My friends name is Lave. He is 12 years old. He is a year 8 student in room 22 Mrs Nua and Mr Barks.classroom. He likes playing rugby.

My friend Lave has got brown skin and a brown face. He has got long hair like a girl. He came from the Cook Island.  I like Lave because he is smart and funny. and Every day at school me and Lave always walk home together after school.

Monday, 20 May 2013


Finally the time had come we were wondering who the famous guy was. I was thinking in my head is Will.I.AM coming to Pt England School. I was right.

When he finally arrivedi was so excited WILL.I.AM is in our school hall.Huge amount of students yelling out to famous WILL.I.AM. We don’t know why he came her but he finally announced why did’ he gave manaiakalani 100,0000 dollars to us. It was a huge amount of

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Should we have a year 7's and 8 Camp

should we have a camp with the year 7’s.
The think I like about camp is play different sports.
And going to the swimming pools and have fun.
learn how to cook.
It’s better with friend in the camp.
Having fun with other class.

I think that we should have a combined year 7 and 8 Camp because it would be good to make friends with more year 7’s. If we go on camp with the year 7’s I hope I can get to know all of them, at least in my group.

It’s great learning how to swim and to do new sports like kayaking and sailing. At camp you can learn how to cook outside on the fire, last time I went on camp we boiled eggs in the kitchen. Learning new stuff at camp is great and helps us to play with different and new friends.