Friday, 13 December 2013

My first Highlights of the year

My first Highlights of the year was year 8 Camp in Rotorua.  Camp was cool because this is my first time to go Rotorua. I liked camp because some of my friends are went to. My highlight for camp is that we went on the the Gondola to the skyline.  I was happy because this is my first day when we got up there we rode on the luge. I liked it because it was a little bit long way to go that's why t was fun.

My 2 seconds. My Highlights learning of the year is Maths whizz  and XtraMaths and Writing I learn some other thing about XtraMaths. is take away and times it was a little bit hard because is my first time learning my times tables. And in my writing I know that I need to reread my writing properly to make sure that I use capital letters and fullstops. Also I must remember to make sure it makes good sense.

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Mrs Nua said...

You have worked and tried really hard all year Niuma - I love your attitude!

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